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Avinash Singh Parmar | CEO: Verda Group of Hotels |

“Verda Hotels: Your Trusted Partner in Hospitality Management”

In the dynamic realm of hotel management, Verda Hotels emerges as a beacon of trust, expertise, and innovation. As your reliable partner in the intricate dance of hospitality, Verda Hotels stands committed to elevating your property to new heights of success and guest satisfaction. 1. Expertise in Hotel Management: At the core of Verda Hotels… View Article
Shanta Durga Temple | Goa

Exploring the Spiritual Tapestry: Temples of Goa

Beyond the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant nightlife, Goa unfolds another facet of its cultural richness through its temples. Steeped in history and spirituality, the temples of Goa offer a tranquil retreat and a glimpse into the diverse religious tapestry that defines this coastal haven. 1. Shri Manguesh Temple: Nestled in Priol, Ponda, the Shri Manguesh… View Article
Temples in Goa

“Exploring Spiritual Riches: Shri Morjai Temple, A Stone’s Throw from The Verda De Miranda”

Nestled within the enchanting aura of Morjim, Goa, lies a historical gem that beckons seekers of spiritual solace and cultural richness – the Shri Morjai Temple. Merely 500 meters from The Verda De Miranda, this ancient abode is more than just a sacred space; it’s a living testament to Goa’s cultural tapestry. The Heritage Unveiled:… View Article

“Brand Goa: Unveiling the Essence of India’s Pocket-Sized Paradise, Land of Lord Parshuram”

Nestled on the southwestern coast of India, Goa is not just a destination; it’s a brand, an entity that transcends its geographical borders. Known for its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant culture, and a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese influences, Goa has etched its identity as a pocket-sized paradise that captivates the heart of every traveler…. View Article

Morjim Beach vs Others in North Goa

Morjim Beach in Goa is distinctive and has its own charm compared to other beaches in the state. Here are some features that set Morjim apart: Serene and Less Crowded: Morjim is relatively less crowded compared to popular beaches like Baga and Calangute. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a more tranquil… View Article

“Ladakh Tourism: A Mesmerizing Journey to the Roof of the World”

Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, Ladakh stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur and cultural richness. As a unique union of barren landscapes, azure skies, and vibrant traditions, Ladakh beckons adventurers and seekers alike. Join us on a virtual journey to explore the enchanting world of Ladakh Tourism, where every mountain peak tells a story… View Article
Avinash Singh Parmar | CEO: Verda Group of Hotels |

“Embrace the New Year with Verda Hotels: A Toast to Fresh Beginnings”

As we bid farewell to the year gone by, Verda Hotels extends heartfelt gratitude to each cherished guest, partner, and member of our Verda family. The turning of the calendar marks not just the passing of time but the promise of new beginnings. As we stand on the threshold of the New Year, we welcome… View Article
Morjim Beach | Goa

Morjim, Goa: Unveiling the Allure of the Preferred Coastal Haven”

Nestled along the azure coastline of Goa, Morjim emerges as a preferred destination, captivating the hearts of travelers seeking a blend of tranquility, natural beauty, and vibrant local culture. Discover why Morjim stands out as a coastal haven, drawing visitors to its pristine shores year after year. 1. Serene Beaches: At the heart of Morjim’s… View Article
Verda Group of Hotels | Goa | India

“Navigating Hospitality: Hotel Chain vs. Independent Hotel Owners”

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, a crucial decision confronts both seasoned and aspiring hoteliers—whether to align with a hotel chain or to venture independently. Each path has its unique set of advantages and challenges, shaping the character of the establishment and the experience it offers to guests. 1. The Strength of Unity:… View Article

“Nubra Valley: A Himalayan Oasis of Tranquility and Beauty”

Nestled within the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Nubra Valley unfolds as a surreal oasis of tranquility and breathtaking landscapes. Tucked away in the northernmost region of India, this Himalayan gem, with its stark yet awe-inspiring beauty, invites travelers on a journey of discovery and serenity. 1. Gateway to Nubra Valley: Accessed via the Khardung… View Article

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