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baga beach

Baga Beach

1.1 kms

Situated in the North Goa district this beach is known for its creek, water sports, diving adventure and Fun Park.This fun-filled beach is among the best place for parties and to experience the nightlife of Goa. One can even indulge in shopping except for parties and water sports around Baga beach.


Calangute Beach

3.6 kms

Marked as the Queen of beaches, Calangute beach is on the must-visit- list of every traveler traveling to Goa.


Anjuna Beach

4.4 kms

An ideal choice for the lazy holidaymakers who are in search of some peaceful environment. Anjuna is famous for trance parties which are organised during a tourist seasons.

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PlaceCategoryDistance from hotelDriving Time
Saturday Night MarketShopping & Entertainment1.2 kms3 mins
Go-KartingRecreation2.6 kms7 mins
Splashdown WaterparkRecreation2.9 kms7 mins
Aguada FortForts & monuments11.7 kms31 mins
Goa State MuseumForts & monuments16.4 kms38 mins
Reis Magos FortForts & monuments12.8 kms28 mins
Maha Lakxmi TempleReligious16.8 kms39 mins
St Alex churchReligious4.3 kms11 mins
Mae De Deus ChurchReligious4.9 kms12 mins
Club Tito's GoaClubs, pubs & restaurants2.7 kms9 mins
Britto'sClubs, pubs & restaurants1.1 kms6 mins